Youtube comments section gold…

An elderly gentleman wanted consultation from a psychotherapist, suffering from severe depression. His wife had died two years ago and he still could not accept that she had passed.

“What can I say to this man to alleviate his burden?” The Doc thought.

After a short moment, he decided not to tell him anything, but to ask him a question. “What if it had been you that died, and your wife would of had to live without you?” The man answered; “Oh, she would of been heartbroken! The love we had was like that in fairy tale. I’m sure she would of felt the same as I.”

The Doc replied; “Then you see, she has been spared the need to suffer that which you are going through, and it is you who has spared her the suffering. Now what is expected of you sir, is to continue living so you can mourn and celebrate her existence. As long as a memory of her resides within you, she will never disappear”.

The man said no words, but stood up, shook the Doc’s hand, and walked out of the building.


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